Sunday, 13 November 2011 cute I cried!

(That was my feedback to the eBay seller who I got my latest cupcake boxes from!)
They are absolutely adorable! I've given out several already. In fact I hung on to write this post as it may have been seen by Fiona, Sarah, Karen, Kellie, David, Nicola, my Dad... Actually the last one is a lie, my Dad can't text, I sincerely doubt he's following my blog, but anyway I am now able to tell the world about meri meri products without the fear of spoiling a gift surprise.

So I stumbled on meri meri (an award winning designer of paper products) by seeing their stuff in a gift shop in Clifton and then finding more of it for sale on the web. So enough of the suspense... here is the "Patisserie shop" gift box that houses 4 cupcakes:-

Just look at that little window showing my raspberry cakes for Kellie :)

And here it is in it's full glory with it's mega-cute sloping roof with ribbon tie. Ahhhh!

And there's more, lots more, here on their lovely website:-

I bought the stripy ones and the flower shop that may well turn up at your home if you know me in real life.

I do however, tend to buy a lot of plain white boxes and embellish them for different occasions.
Here was Monty's 12 birthday cupcakes for his 2nd birthday party:-

Not a great photo but you can get the general idea of a 12 box of cakes with ribbon.

And when I took the creativity a bit further I added some embellishments to a white cake box for a "Where's Wally?" party by printing some pictures off the Internet and coordinating some parcel tie:-

4 red velvet cupcakes with a chocco topper and red edible glitter.

And here's the sides you can't see in the above picture
(I forgot to photograph the Wally dog - apologies!)

It's making me a bit sad looking at these pictures; they had the last of my Dr Oetker (unnatural) red food colouring that has seen me through many a batch of successful red velvet cupcakes. I know I should be alarmed that the whole of Europe felt the need to ban it's e numbers but I just want the stuff back - nothing else comes close to making cakes red and if it does it tastes of beetroot or chili or has crushed beetles in it.

Anyway, back to the boxes...

I also made a lemon individual one, that had no banned substances in it whatsoever:-

So I think that is pretty much all the cupcakes I have been making, except for the mammoth amount for the Cancer research charity softball-athon:-

Thanks again if you sponsored me for my bake-off or if you came up to Ashton court to support and buy a cake.

Clearly a lot of my life is taken up with baking and I made the decision a couple of days ago to have a "cake break" just temporarily, in case I got so big that I needed to be craned out of my house. My dreams occasionally flit between this eventuality and new frosting varieties; I really must stop watching videos of kitchenaids just before bed too - that's not helping! And then it was Nicky's birthday, and I tried to explain my "cake break" whilst giving her 6 wrapped clementines (needless to say the clementines didn't quite get the same reaction as the cakes she had last year). I'm "that girl" who brings cake. I'd have been confused if I was her too; awkward!

And then I got this really lovely book as a thank you for some lemon cupcakes I made and it's opened up a whole new world of Christmas cupcake ideas and, well, I'm just going to have to really, aren't I.....!

Right, I should go now because I have miniature robins to source from eBay for a December project.

J :)

P.S. Nicky, tell me what cake(s) you want! ;)