Saturday, 17 March 2012

New Life Cupcakes

I like a personal challenge; who doesn't...? Well, a personal goal was to make this blog a reality and keep it going for a year, posting about once a month; then my undisclosed plan was to put it to bed and tick it off the list. The only thing I didn't manage was the final post in December. So, I've changed my mind and decided that what I'll do instead is just pick it up if and when there are projects worth mentioning.

A few weeks ago my sister had a baby shower in preparation for the arrival of her 2nd baby. She was threatening games to "identify the food in the nappy" or "pin the nappy on the baby". It takes all sorts...! Luckily, none of that transpired; it was a tame affair with an enormous Chinese takeaway and a pretty large amount of cupcakes made by yours truly.

I wanted a theme that wasn't too cringing or tricky - and as I was looking at toppings in Sainsbury's the idea came to me... butterflies! And a few egg themed cakes as there's plenty of Easter stuff about at the moment. "New life Cupcakes" if you will..... you HAVE to know I am saying this tongue-in-cheek!

So, I'm sure everyone has seen Mini egg nest cakes but why not butterfly-it-up with some "Giant Snowies"...

My cupcakes are the chocolate ones from "Cake Days" and the frosting is the following:-

I did, however have to add a lot more icing sugar than the recipe suggested - it was way too runny!
I am still in search for the ultimate chocolate frosting recipe...

Or how about white chocolate button butterflies...?

These have silvversppon chocolate sprinkles; if I'd have had the Wilton Jimmys they'd look better.
And, as I always have to have a fruit option here are the lemon cakes with orange and lemon butterflies made with Silverspoon jelly sweets:-

I think the crowd liked the Cupcakes :)

On a more sombre note, just before Christmas I had another kitchen bereavement:-

R.I.P my little Russel Hobbs mixer! I think that totals 6 hand mixers in the last 2 years that have been burnt out through overuse! :S

However, continuing with the "New Life" theme... Meet Wendy! :)

My very own KitchenAid in that 1950s-esque soapy blue. I love, love, love her!

And so does everyone else as soon as they set foot in my kitchen.

I'm a very lucky lady to have such beautiful kitchen gadgetry.

Jo :)