Sunday, 9 January 2011

Super Sandwiches

Not the best start to 2011 (due to losing my voice and catching a horrible bug) but on the days I did eat, I ate well. I'm posting details of the sandwiches that are to be part of my healthy 2011...
Roasted butternut squash, feta, onion marmalade, toasted pumpkin seed and rocket sandwich.

(This takes a little bit of prep as you need to roast some butternut squash but it was really worth it!)

You will need:
2 slices of wholemeal bread
A few generous cubes of feta cheese
12ish pumpkin seeds or 24ish sunflower seeds
a few chunks of roasted butternut squash
onion marmalade
small amount of rocket leaves

I reckon with 25g feta and 20g onion marmalade that it was about 350 calories.

Peel the butternut squash (this is easier if you microwave the squash (whole) for a minute or so) and cut up cubes (about 1-2 cm). Put in roasting dish with a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast in the oven - check after 8-10 minutes, they won't take long being that small!
In a small pan lightly toast the pumpkin seeds (no oil needed), not for very long.
Spread a small amount of onion marmalade on both slices of the bread.
Arrange rocket leaves on top of one layer of bread.
Scatter the roasted squash and crumbled feta over the rocket, then finish with the toasted pumpkin seeds.

I didn't have pumpkin seeds so I used sunflower seeds and it was delicious, pumpkin seeds would be a bit more appropriate as they are in the same family as a butternut, but sometimes I know I'm too fussy and I made the compromise...

Wow, what a sandwich, (3 compliments on it's presentation at work and I didn't even prompt for them)

Tuna, Houmous, Red Pepper, Carrot and cumin seed Roll

I know, I know, it sounds weird; it tastes brilliant, though. The cumin seeds have this magical way of adding a background note of curry to the tuna that makes it kind of meaty and the houmous is a nice alternative to using spreads or mayonnaise. I was sceptical, I needn't have been.
Here is what you’ll need:
2 slices of wholemeal bread or a bread roll

Tinned tuna (in brine or springwater is healthiest)
Cumin seeds
Houmous (I like Marks and Spencers as it has olive oil and rapeseed oil, cheaper ones have vegetable oil so not as good for you)

Grated carrot (optional - only v. small amount)
Red pepper (finely sliced)

Assemble the parts - *you only need a light sprinkling of cumin seeds.

And finally,

         Falafel, harissa mayonnaise, onion marmalade, tomato and baby spinach sandwich

I was soooo looking forward to this one, I love falafels. To give you an idea of how much, my sister is trying to get her child to call me "Aunty Falafel". Let's hope it doesn't take off, I'm not earthy enough to warrant this title and I want something much more "edgy" than that!

I debated for ages with Nicola as to whether shop-bought falafels needed heating before eating. I've since checked several packets and luckily they don't, which is brilliant, you can crumble them up into sandwiches or plonk them straight in your mouth - excellent!

You will need:

Rose Harissa (Amazing stuff!) It's pricey but if you've tasted this and the other harissa pastes on offer it's a no-brainer. You only need to use small amounts of it and it keeps for ages in the fridge.
Of Tunisian origin, this fiery chilli-based item has rose petals in it too..

2 slices of wholemeal bread
3 cherry tomatoes (halved)
Onion marmalade
Baby spinach

Mix a little harissa paste into some mayonnaise to taste. Don't taste harissa on it's own - it'll blow your head off! Ratio of 4 parts mayo to 1 part harissa is good I think.
Spread one slice of bread your "harissa mayo" (I measured 15g of low-fat mayo - it is January!)
Spread the other slice with a small amount of onion marmalade (10g = 25 calories)
Chop the cherry tomatoes in half and arrange on a slice.
Layer baby spinach on top of one slice.
Crumble 3 falafels on top of the spinach.

All ideas adapted and stolen from the "Fresh" range of sandwiches on sale in Boots.
Here they are, plus other examples...
Sandwich fillings can get a bit routine and I'm pleased with the new options I've found.
They're not everyones choice, but they're my choice!
(I put that in especially for Karen - that was a very good episode of Gavin and Stacy!)
J :)

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