Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mint Choc Cheesecake Triangles

Firstly I must apologise, I haven't been keeping up with posting just recently. The reason is that I have given up a couple of things for lent. The first thing being alcohol and the second being cake making. I have, however, allowed myself 2 "jokers" that enable me to slip, just twice. Therefore, I have tried to avoid food temptation and also writing about it. Now I am nearly half-way through the challenge, and incidentally half a stone lighter, I thought it'd be a good time to post about Georgina's amazing mint-choc cheesecake triangles.
On Shrove Tuesday I ran a reading course for my Reading volunteer Mums. As I had this "ban" on cake making pending, I suggested we had cakes and I was all set to make a few. In my hour of need with a horrendous amount to do the week before, Georgina (a mum of a pupil at my school) happened to offer to provide some Mint Choc Cheesecake Triangles. They sounded intriguing. I happily accepted.

One word.... Wow!!!! I asked to keep an extra to photograph for this blog, however, there were about 8 left and I got to keep the lot. Result! (Obviously I shared a few of them with the staff who were equally as impressed). I could've faffed with getting all the cheesecake crumbs off before photographing them but I was frantically photographing them in the library at lunchtime so the staff could taste the remainders. And just before the end of the day Georgina was back to collect her Tupperware, recipe in hand...

When lent is over I will definitely be whizzing up some of these.

Recipe came from "The Pampered Chef" - (a company who sell cookware at parties in homes and teach you how to make lovely food with the kit). Why I have not yet attended one of these parties I do not know; nevermind the fact that I can't shut my kitchen cupboards for gadgetry as it is....

Here is the link to the American Pampered Chef website, I have a U.K recipe with British measurements that I will type out for anyone who wants it...

J :)

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