Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Stars & Stripes Supper Club

If you attended or read about my pop-up restaurant then you’ll know all about the “Daffodil Supper Club” that I set up in memory of my Granddad and to raise money for the Alzheimer’s society. You may also know that I’ve decided to “re-run the fun” with a new theme, continuing to make money for this great charity.

Ever since I did my teaching placement in New York, I've had a soft-spot for American recipes, have followed numerous American food writers and have listened to their podcasts and bought their books. I have also paid huge sums for imported foods to be able to obtain the necessary ingredients to make Yankee creations, so, it seemed like an obvious choice for the next theme in my pop-up restaurant repertoire. 

So, here it is...


I really wanted to hire 40 Alfred place for independence day but the hire fee for the 4th July (a Thursday) was a negligible difference from the weekend rates, so I’ve gone with Friday 5th and Saturday 6th

The taste tasting has begun (at home and away) and David and I are researching how we can best deliver on the chosen dishes.
It is the same deal as last time; there is £15 per head to pay in advance which needs to go straight onto my JustGiving page with a note stating which day you’d like to attend and if you need a vegetarian option or have special dietary requirements.(dairy-free/nut-free/diabetic can be catered for)

Then there is a further £10 per head to pay on the night which covers the costs of ingredients and the venue hire – so please turn up!!!

So, for your £25 meal you can expect the following (or very similar)

A complimentary glass of wine / bottle of Budweiser / Non-alcoholic milkshake

On tables: Nachos and salsa, jalapenos and sour cream dip

Starter: Sweetcorn fritters 

Main: Slow cooked pulled pork/homemade coleslaw/spicy sweet potato and potato wedges
(Vegetarian alternative of spicy beanburger)

Dessert: New York style baked cheesecake

Tea/coffee and salted caramel popcorn

I will have a license to be able to sell reasonably priced drinks on the night and would be so pleased if you’d do that or if your taste is more niche a £2 per person corkage fee applies.
I’m hoping to make the event even better than last time and hope that it will enable me to say that I (we) raised £3,000 over the 2 events.
I’m also in the process of negotiating an appearance from a “Welsh Elvis” to liven things up on the Friday and hope to find some entertainment for Saturday also.
I will also hopefully be selling cupcakes and other homemade goods that you can purchase to take away on the night if you’d like.
As coincidence would have it I was walking around Tescos the other day thinking that I really should get on and write this blog post when I saw something VERY exciting!
An American food section!!! Reese's puffs in a British supermarket, are you kidding me? Not to mention the eggnog syrup, chocolate covered cookie dough and tins of pumpkin puree! Awesome!

So, that’s about it, I have no creative endeavors to photograph just now, the pumpkin is saved for Autumn, the eggnog for Christmas and I’d better get back to planning this pop-up event.
But I've one more job to do today, and that is to email 40 Alfred Place with my "logo" and details of the event, watch this space.... 

 and... Have a nice day!

Jo x

P.S. The main course got even better this week (Here is what I was able to add to my facebook event) - Yay!!! 

Some friends and I met up at "The 3 Tuns" (just off College Green) this evening for another round of the best sandwiches Bristol has to offer. Indeed they are the best sandwiches that I have ever tasted in my life! 
The guy (Ben) who runs "Meat & Bread" has been a chef for years and has a particular flair and passion for curing and smoking his own meats. This fascination led to him setting up a wildly popular sandwich cart that sold his mega sandwiches in central Bristol every lunchtime. To make life interesting and just because he could, he would tweet about the day's flavours and announce where he was going to trade from that day. With instant queues of 50+ people arriving and with demand outweighing supply it was time to trade from a premises. You can get his magnificent sandwiches that look like something from a meat-worshiping American diner TV show, Tues-Sat 12-2 and 6-9p.m or earlier if they sell out (often). And the reason I am telling you all this is because....... 
Ben has agreed to provide all the home-cooked, unbelievably tasty pulled pork for the Stars & Stripes supper club at a very reasonable cost. I simply cannot believe my luck right now and neither will you when you taste that meat. In the meantime I can highly recommend a super sandwich......! 

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