Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Fever

I'm flippin' loving the fuss, fact! However, I seem to have had too many good offers of events this weekend and I've picked the one that doesn't involve watching the event - hope I don't live to regret this.... Am Devonshire bound for a walk with Thomo and co. and will have to watch it on iplayer afterwards.
As a thank you to Fiona for her kind invite of "High Tea" at hers and as a bit of a sorry for dithering over my plans I decided to get a little something for her:-

Comedy Coaster (from one of Clifton Village's finest posh tat shops....)

Then I thought I'd wrap it... but I had no nice wrapping paper. So I quickly designed some on my computer:-

I google imaged "keep calm crown" and the only image without writing attached (I can't use photoshop) was a pink one. Quite nice anyway as the coaster is purple and it's for a girl after all...

Then I pasted it into my brilliant "Corel Printhouse Magic" programme, which unfortunately they don't make any more. Sarah and I love this programme and when I took my precious cds (that I paid well over the odds for on eBay) to install on her computer last Christmas my sister was so evidently frightened by our nerdiness of versions, specs and compatabilities she almost had to leave.

Anyway, I made 3 different sized crowns, arranged a bunch of them, re-grouped them and duplicated them until I was happy with them arranged on the page then printed the design onto cream paper.

This was the first attempt. (They were too bunched up.)

2nd attempt ...perfect!

A crown I didn't use was cut out and attached to one of the million Christmas gift tags I find myself left with:

And here it is:-

And some other totally cool things that I have been spotting:-

Pieminister (savoury pie) - Sainsburys:

Pieminister (Sweet pie) - Waitrose:


And last but not least, Vicky's Mum has HAND KNITTED this brilliant collection of the Royal family... Vicky has been having text updates such as "Just finished Kate's torso....." for weeks. What a labour of love, with teeny tiaras and medals and sequins and gold threads and pearl beads and loads more - just brilliant!

Here's Liz:


A sneak preview of the dress:

The happy couple together:

Ahhh whoops, I've managed to make it look like Wills is trying to chop her head off...

Take 2 (by a plant) :-

And not forgetting a corgi for good measure:

Great work Vicky's Mum; you are an uber talented knitter and your attention to detail is incredible.
They're all from this book... How many people must've bought this and not opened the cover...? 
It's sold thousands...

I met that Archbishop, (the living breathing Rowan Williams one, not the knitted one). He came to the school I did teaching practise at and wished me well for my teaching stint in New York.
He seemed like a nice man. Do you remember Gaby?

What I am looking forward to the most however, is seeing what cake they chose...

Enjoy the fun!

J :)

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