Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Local Gifts, from Local People

On the local news (Points West) they featured the Bristol chocolatiers “Guilberts”, who’ve been making fine chocolates right here from Brizzle for 100 years now!
This led me to their website which told me more about the Guilberts chocolate store...
And, as my Dad is a huge Brunel fan, I bought him the Centenary tin featuring the Suspension bridge.
The S.S Great Britain tin was my reserve secret Secret Santa gift for Nic, had the 1930s typewriter necklace not got here in time... but, luckily, it did!
So, here are the lovely chocs making their way to Wales this week... (hopefully)
Please don't let it snow any more.... I've eaten enough chocolate!

And, then, as my Dad always gets an obligatory bit of booze, I was delighted to stumble across something else that was a bit different and inkeeping with my theme of locally sourced items!
I got him a bottle of perry (that’s the proper name for the drink made from fermented pears, don't you know...) It’s cider’s "cousin" made with pears, not apples. I’m such a primary school teacher with my definitions, I know.
Here it is...

And the reason I knew of it, and how to get it, was due to meeting the owner of “Bristol Cider Shop” by chance at David’s dinner party. Many ciders were on offer that night, but the star of the show was this bottle of delicious perry that was brought out to wash down the dessert course. I had the teeniest amount (whilst cursing myself for driving and agreeing to work the next day - it was amazing!)
However, I resolved to get my hands on more from the Cider Shop (a sweet little place that has just opened to exclusively sell cider and all things cider-related on Christmas steps in the city centre). If you pay them a visit, one of the very amiable guys will have you sampling the ciders and will tell you everything you could ever want to know about cider (and a bit more!)
Here's the place...

And finally, I do like things in threes, am relieved to have a 3rd... (how autistic!)
I’m off to get some Pieminster pies to take back to Wales for a Christmas eve supper. I have to say, it was Annabel who started this trend of taking Pieminsters when she visits her family (and I’ve stolen the idea, but I just sourced it, so no guilt needed then!) A few greens, some mash and gravy and I can so easily concoct a meal that is hassle free  (don’t like any hassle in other peoples kitchens). Admitedly, Pieminsters are actually on sale in every Sainsburys in the U.K now, so the novelty is not quite what is was, but that’s testament to their brilliance and there’s a much bigger choice of flavours if you visit the actual shop on Gloucester Road or the cafe in St. Nicholas’s Market.
I just love eating the pies off the enamel dishes that have that wartime kind of feel about them too... Mmmmmmmerry Christmas!

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