Sunday, 19 December 2010

You've got to start somewhere...

So..., Hello!

I've been talking about it for ages and have finally created my very own blog!
I ran the title past my, somewhat confused sister, who thought it sounded like an interior design company, but hopefully the explanation below the title will clear that up quickly if anyone accidentally finds me for the wrong purpose.
I'm wondering whether to begin trying to upload an enormous back catalogue of art and food projects with accompanying photos or to just say, NO... it starts here!
I think I'll contemplate this whilst watching the Apprentice tonight. Not that I think this blog is going to make me rich like Alan Sugar or anything, I just can't decide. Mainly I'm just excited about finding other blogs that share similar interests and am pleased to have found a "home" for all the recipes and ideas that I frantically tell people about during a school breaktime. Recently I started to upload pictures to facebook of all my latest baking projects but it quickly began to look like a blog and I needed more space for typing, so here goes...
Right, that's enough for my first post I think.
I've seen from other people's blogs that they have "heroes" that they link to, and as I don't know how to do this yet, I am posting links to my 2 top bloggers here (as they are a brilliant source of inspiration for me and everyone should know about them in my opinion).

(voted world's best food blog) -  she makes her food sound so good she even attracted a husband through writing this food blog...

You can read more about her here...

and you can buy her book (I did for Priya for her birthday...) from here...

(however, one word of caution, if you like pictures for every recipe you make, don't touch it, it hasn't got one but I'll forgive Molly, she is a genius and the simplicity of all her stuff is brilliant!)

Finally, my favourite design blogger, that has led me to infinite other things over the last year or so is...

Bowiestyle  (Print and Pattern)
(a "website that celebrates the world of surface pattern design")

And Annabel got the book for her birthday - this one does have a lot of (very, very cute pictures...)



  1. This will save me having to ask you for recipes that my friends have asked for Cake pop instructions please!!! X

  2. Good Luck Jo

    Blogging can be addictive and rewarding but also a demanding task-master.

    I'm sure you'll be brilliant.


  3. Cheers Andrew,
    Are you guys snowed in?
    Pop round for a cup of tea and some cake if you like...
    J x