Monday, 20 December 2010

Necklaces from a 1930's typewriter

I had Nicola for our "Secret Santa Circle" this Christmas (it's alright we all worked out who got for who pretty quickly) and I decided to have a browse on an amazing website called “Etsy” to find something a bit kooky.
If you're not familiar with it, Etsy is the home of “all things homemade” and sells hand-crafted items as well as vintage things and supplies for making projects, I adore it! Here it is...
The only problem is that it is an American website, so things have to be delivered from the U.S. or Canada, however, if you start delving you’ll want the stuff so badly you’ll be prepared to pay the shipping and be patient for it’s delivery.
Alternatively, visit "Folksy" (a similar outfit, born in Blighty!) This one is in it's infancy however, and with the U.K being a lot smaller, inevitably,  the range of things is not as vast. (Well worth a look though.)

So, here is what I ordered for Nic this Christmas...

(It's the N key from a 1930s Remington typewriter, made into a pendant and attached to a 24" silver chain).
How cool is that? I love the fact that someone has typed using that very key up to 80 years ago and now it’s a piece of jewellery as fashionable and funky as anything I’ve seen in Urban Outfitters - amazing upcycling!
 And I loved it so much... I got myself one too!

You can find them on Etsy by the seller “Gwendelicious” or visit her personal website:
and see how she made jewellery from the age of 8, browse the funky letter press pieces she is currently selling and see how she’s been making pieces for the American Idol contestants...

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